The Rightful King of Asgard


"It’s okay," he said softly, squeezing Loki’s hand. "It’s okay. You don’t have to sleep. Just try to rest, okay? It’ll help. I swear it will. And I’ll be here the whole time. I promise."

Feeling the pressure increasing ever so slightly against his hand reassured him. His breathing began to slow, back to a more steady pace….Still he felt uncertain, unsure…He wanted to sleep, dearly….The Trickster was exhausted, but self preservation prevented it.

"…Just…Please don’t let me fall asleep…" He said, knowing how much a fool he must have sounded…Rest was what he needed to heal, but at the same time he couldn’t risk it.


"I—" He meant to interject, find some way to explain what was happening. Then again—did Steve fully understand what had occurred? Every time the sorcerer drew near he suddenly became tongue tied and weak in the knees. Not to mention the very apparent color that stained his cheeks. 

"Yeah, yeah, I’m fine…really, I am." Steve steadied himself as he felt the trickster’s hand against his forehead. Even the slightest of touch was enough create another wave of heat wash over the Captain. He didn’t argue with Loki’s offer as he moved from his touch. In fact he took a few steps backwards until the couch was at the back of his legs, plopped down and rested his head back against the cushion.

"—For some reason…you’re uh," his tongue darted across his lower lip in order to wet it. "I mean…what I’m trying to say is—you’re just…gettingmeallworkedup." He suddenly shifted nervously on the couch as he folded his hands into his lap.

For a moment, the Trickster simply stood and blinked, trying to process exactly what it was that the other was getting at. “What, now?” He asked, somehow not quite grasping the situation. However, as it set in, he tilted his head ever so slightly, watching the Captain carefully as he did so.

"…What brought this on?" Loki inquired, wondering just what it was that could have aroused the soldier from his actions, mulling over what he had previously considered to be relatively benign actions.


"I don’t want to get sick either," he said quietly. "And I have no intention of doing so. But I’m going to do everything I can to get you healthy in the meantime." He leaned farther into the shower to press a gentle kiss to Loki’s lips. "Now while we’re waiting for the ice packs to finish, why don’t you get a little more sleep? Doctor’s orders."

He closed his eyes for just a moment as he felt the other’s kiss, returning it gently with a soft smile lingering as he did so…However, at the mention of sleep, his body tensed slightly, almost imperceptibly…He didn’t want to risk it.

"…I can’t," Loki replied quietly, trying to relax his muscles, but the memories of the ‘nightmare’ flashed before his eyes…He couldn’t go back there. He couldn’t let himself fall asleep, back to a place where the Other could get at him so easily…The Trickster couldn’t sleep, not yet, not until he could protect himself.

Trickster Vs. Trickster || Loki and Gabe


"Humans aren’t all that smart, kiddo. Most of ‘em anyway," he pointed out. "Though they obviously had a few geniuses to be able to make this deliciousness that is ice cream. And without my help too!"

"…..I do find it remarkable that the species has survived when it does so seem that the intellectual are shunned and the foolish are praised…Regardless, at least I have seen that some of them do possess remarkable ability for greatness," Loki replied, reflecting on those mortals that he had encountered thus far, "….My Brother’s team, at least, is made of somewhat astounding humans…And I hear yours are not to be scoffed at. What were their names again?"


He wrapped the blankets tighter around his body. “I have a pretty strong constitution,” he said quietly, slipping his hand out of the blanket’s to take Loki’s again. “Besides, if I do catch a cold and I’m still sick once you get feeling better, you’ll just have to repay the favor, won’t you?” He leaned in closer and pressed his lips to the back of Loki’s hand.

Just that simple touch was enough to soothe Loki…It had been only a short while since the first occurrence, the feel of Bruce’s lips against his skin was delightful. The Trickster smiled, squeezing the other’s hand softly.

"…Of course I would…Regardless, that does not mean I would wish for you to become ill…" he replied, feeling his body relax. He Realized in that moment how odd it was that the other was so able to soothe him, even after one the Other’s ‘visits’. Under normal circumstances, Loki would have been on edge or hours, at least, but somehow he did not think it would be an issue this time.

Trickster Vs. Trickster || Loki and Gabe


"Yep." The archangel just shrugged. "Well, not me, cause I’m awesome." He winked, chuckling. "But those poor dumb humans? Yeah."

"I doubt they would have much claim over my health either, but…I am surprised the  mortals have not found some cure for that yet…" To Loki, it seemed as obvious a solution as ever there could be, but his magic of course offered him an alternative idea of how to treat ailments.


"No, I was hurt because I tripped on my gown. My damage was not because of you." She spoke turning to face him placing her hands on Loki’s arms as if it were to bring him out of that train of thought. 

"And that is one of the reasons why I was hurrying, however my first reason is a selfish one. I wanted to see you for my self. I wanted to make sure you were really here. then I wanted to insure that Odin….. well, you are aware of Odin."

"…Mother…" Loki’s expression was soft, sad as she placed her hands on him, never looking away from her, "…I am sorry…" His expression was as his voice, with just a small edge of sadness to it. Regardless of what she may have said, the Trickster would continue to blame himself, but at least he could stop saying it out loud.

Her words however brought the tiniest of smiles to his face. “…I wished to see you as well…After….Well….You know…” He did not like to say whether he fell, or whether he had been thrown from the Bifrost out loud…The results were usually less than pleasant, “…I was afraid I never would again.”


"I know the temperature won’t bother you," he said. "But pure ice would be too hard. Inflexible. The mixture would bend around your body." He said no more as he left the bathroom.

After mixing the water and alcohol in the right amounts, he divvied it up into the baggies and stuffed as many into the freezer as he could fit. On the way to the bathroom, he stopped by the thermostat and turned it down a good ten degrees. Then he went back into the bathroom and laid back down. “Give it an hour or so and you should be good to go.”

"…Bruce…You’re going to make yourself sick…" The trickster replied, a soft, slightly sad smile on his lips as he watched the other return to the warmth of the blankets. Loki let out a quiet sigh, realizing that it was futile to argue with the doctor - enraged or otherwise, Banner was a force to be reckoned with when he had made up his mind.

Still, he couldn’t deny that he longed to leave the shower…It wasn’t that he had any particular desire to move around, nor that the cold or falling water was an irritation to him…He just wished he could be a little closer to Bruce.

betrayedasgardianking has found the sieldmaiden


Every last bit of distrust or hesitation she felt around this man vanished when he grasped her hand. He had never reached out to anyone before, not even Frigga after he had grown into a man. Seeing him now, seeing how broken he was, it tore her apart.

Slowly, she lowered herself onto the bed beside him and took his chin in her hand. “Listen to me, Loki. I need you to tell me what has been done to you. What did those monsters do to you while you were their captive? If I know how this…this curse was started it shall be easier to find a way to undo it.”

The feeling of her weight beside him, he looked up tentatively to where the woman sat at his side. As her hand cupped his chin, guiding his head so he would meet her eyes, for only the briefest moment his pupils contracted as though in fear - the gesture was one he had become familiar with, and thus he knew better than to pull away, but never before had it been done as a kindness. Quickly, he recovered himself, hoping the tenseness in his frame had gone unnoticed.

"…I…" He spoke softly, images of his time with the Chitauri, with The Other and with Thanos flashing before his eyes at so much as the single word, "…I do not remember. Sif…Let this go…" Loki did not want to tell her - did not want to make her pity him, but could not imagine any other outcome if he told her the truth…


He stood and went over to the medicine cabinet on wobbling legs. “Plain water freezes solid,” he said as he dug through the cabinet. “So it’s not ideal for ice packs. Rubbing alcohol has too low a freezing point, so a freezer leaves it liquid. Again, not ideal. Combine them and you get a frozen slush that’s still malleable. Which is perfectly ideal.”

He found the bottle finally and went back to the shower. “I’ll be right back,” he said with a small smile as he knelt and pressed a kiss to Loki’s temple. Then he stood and limped out to the kitchen to start making the ice packs.

"…Bruce, you need not fret so…" he said quietly, though the words were sounding more and more exhausted as he did so, "…I may not like it, but I am a Frost Giant…The cold has never bothered me…" Of course, the Trickster was not taking into account the fact that his body was not exactly in peak condition - between his fever that would not break, and the burns to his skin, even a Jotun would not do well with ice pressed directly to his flesh.

Still, as the doctor explained his idea, Loki had to admit he was glad to have someone who was as interested in his well being as Bruce was…He had to admit guilt however, seeing the way the other struggled to stand, none the less walk… As Bruce returned, kneeling beside him, and gently putting his lips to the Trickster’s skin, Loki let out a soft hum of contentment…No matter how much he may have ached, nor how sick he felt…The simple gesture by the other relieved him…Truthfully, he felt a twinge of sadness as the other left his side, even if logically he knew it was with good reason.