The Rightful King of Asgard
[A Captain’s War] Loki || Steve


At the mentioning of having eternity with one another, the Captain grinned as he very much enjoyed the idea. Then again, it was a feeling that he had never quite shared with anyone else until that very moment. It were as if he’d been empty for so long, not knowing what it was like to truly live everyday. Instead of following the daily orders or given commands, he was following his intuition, feelings and perhaps even his heart when it came to the British soldier. 

Once more he found his train of thought broken as the other lead him along. Though he only offered another smile as his hand was taken and he followed after the Captain. As the approached the bombed out sections of the city he knitted his brow in confusion. Not entirely able to understand why Loki had brought him to the crumbling building. Even then he didn’t doubt the other as he ducked under and into the opening of the old structure in order to escape the rain that steadily began to fall. 

He continued to follow the trickster, never once questioning him as they worked their way through the rubble and finally up a flight of stairs. Steve noticed the scattered papers laying about, as well as broken canvases and brushes that had littered the floor. Though as the city view came into sight, the super soldier’s breathing nearly hitched. It was breathtaking to say the very least. To see the city sparkle and shine despite the dismay and chaos that still surrounded the countryside. 

Steve’s gaze fell to James’ as he motioned for him to join. Without hesitation the blond approached him and instead of taking a seat beside him, he found himself maneuvering behind the trickster. Wrapping his arms tightly around the other’s waist as he rested his chin on Loki’s shoulder. Even if the rain wasn’t showing any signs of letting up, it didn’t seem to bother either of them. 

"It’s beautiful." Rogers mumbled into the crook of Loki’s neck before planting a gentle kiss to it. Though he wasn’t just speaking of the city itself. 

Feeling the other slide into place, just behind him, Loki smiled…To have someone who so clearly wanted to be near him, to touch him, to hold him…He had stopped even wishing for such a thing decades ago…It had become a whim and a fantasy, nothing more, until he had met the Captain.

Between the chill of the falling rain, and the warmth Steve naturally gave off, the Trickster was content…He placed his hands atop the soldier’s, holding them in place, as if hoping that should he not let go, the moment would never need to end. He leaned gently against the other, tilting his head to rest it against the other’s in contentment. However, he then felt Steve move, ever so slightly, repositioning his lips to James’ neck….Loki smiled at the touch, leaning away ever so slightly to allow the American better access to his skin.

"…I find that the view is much improved by the company it is observed with….I have never enjoyed it half so much until this moment…" he said with a smile. The rain fell around them, splashing on the ground as it began to gather in puddles, gathering particularly in the gashes left in the earth as the scars of war…In the distance, a bolt of lightning flashed, though they had a little time before that part of the storm was upon them…

Trickster Vs. Trickster || Loki and Gabe


"Right you are, kiddo. You are a smart one, aren’t you?" He grinned at the other trickster. "I obviously picked the right person to impersonate." He chuckled, wiggling his eyebrows.

"Oh, that’s for sure. Humans are naturally convinced that they can take on the world if they set their tiny little minds to it. Idiots. Big hearted idiots, but idiots."

Loki smirked slightly, enjoying the way the other spoke the words, and the words of praise (though truthfully he did not know for certain if they were in earnest, or if they were a playful jab).

"Surprisingly, too they seem to have managed to succeed, to a remarkable degree considering their limitations…" the Trickster replied, mulling over the accomplishments the Midgardians had achieved, "…They are tenacious things…They fight for every inch, and often it earns them more than they had been aiming for…"


"You are correct. You are not the same man but that is no a terrible thing. Am I the same Sif you knew me to be? I would like to think not." She brushed his hair behind his ear and sighed. "You do not believe in yourself so I must or else what hope shall either of us have?"

"…I do not know if you are who my mind tells me you have always been…Of late, I find…I cannot trust what I know…" He whispered, hesitantly…Words like that were of the kind that usually brought the blue back into his vision, and the blinding headaches that came with it when he tried to hold the change at bay…But he could not bring himself to lie to her about it.


Without thinking, Sif leaned forward and presses her lips to his forehead. “Do not worry yourself with such thoughts. I am in no danger from you. You are much stronger than you realize, Loki. I merely voice what you already know.”

She could not look away from his eyes. They held her attention without any sign of every letting go. “As I said before…i shall remain at your side as long as you desire.”

"…You remember me as I was…As I had been before…I have weakened, Sif…I am not who I was when I believed myself to be Aesir…" Loki did not know if he could explain, not truly…His sanity had been smashed, reforged, and smashed again, over and over until the Titan had thought him ready…He had already tried to hurt her…How could the warrior be so confident he would not try again?

Trickster Vs. Trickster || Loki and Gabe


"Where there’s a will, there’s a way, I guess." Gabriel shrugged, even though he tended to agree with the god. "Some of ‘em are too stupid for their own good. There’s a few of ‘em though who always surprise me." He let out a small huff of laughter. "You mean the Winchesters? Those idiots rely more on luck than anything." Another laugh. "Though they are better than some."

"…Is there not a supplier of firearms what shares that name?" He asked, musing slightly when the other spoke of the humans…Somehow, he vaguely remembered having heard the name somewhere before, possibly in Midgardian film…But what were the odds of that? Men who used any number of weapons to fight the creatures that went bump in the night, sharing the name of one of a gunsmith? Unlikely…

Too though, it seemed to be the standard for mortals to rely on fortune and fate than aught else. “…They are not the only ones who seem to think that hope, ‘elbow grease’ and spite will make all the difference when the universe turns against them…It seems to be a trademark of their species.”


"I haven’t seen a Disney movie in years," he said with a chuckle, indicating that he had, indeed, heard of it. "But yeah. I think we deserve to have a little light-hearted fun," he added, indicating that he had no idea what the movie was actually about. "I wanna make sure you’ll be okay to get out of the shower first, though."

Stiffly, the trickster tried to sit up…He knew it was likely too soon, but he was eager to be closer to the Doctor… Maybe, he could weave just a little magic into the ice packs in the freezer, to hurry them along, and keep them cold a while longer…He would have to do it quietly, or Bruce would certainly notice and try to stop him for expending the magic on such a thing, but…He wanted to be near the other, and didn’t want to wait any longer.

Slowly, he reached out with his magic, sending it creeping through the apartment as little more than a perfume with no scent, focusing and fighting for every inch that he could extend it…He would have sent it straight through the wall to the freezer, but he did not think he had the strength to send it through more than just the freezer door. The open air was easier, it gave no resistance against his efforts. Still, the distance it needed to travel was longer this way…Though it would leave him tired, at least, he believed this option stood a chance of success.

Once the small pulse had reached the kitchen, he had to focus all the more, sending it through the door, and using it to prod at the ice packs the other had made…Already, they had chilled well, but were only just beginning to freeze…He let the pulse go then, sensing it settle into the packs, finishing the job, and hurrying them along to the point where they were ready for use.

Loki was left panting ever so slightly, trying to keep it as quiet as he could, so as not to let Banner know what he had done, but somehow he knew he was being too obvious about it. “…If you like…I think, we may be able to…See if i can leave now,” the Trickster said quietly, with a sheepish smile on his face…He just hoped Bruce wouldn’t be too upset with him for using magic.

M!A Switch: Steve and Loki switch bodies for 24 hours!




          Within an instant the anon’s magic had taken hold of the Captain. His once muscular build had suddenly transformed into a more slender frame, even gaining a few inches of height. Steve’s normal attire of a t-shirt and khakis had been replaced with copious amount of leathers. The Captain held out his hands, surveying them as his pupils were blown wide. “—This’ll be hard to explain to the team.”

”—I never,” he would have finished with ‘said that’ but the way Loki slipped the fork between his lips had distracted him from his thought. Even if it was his own visage that stared back at him, the captain still saw the trickster. Every subtle sly smirk or gesture that had been easily picked up by the blond. Despite the recent turn of events, the captain seemed to be adjusting quite well. His current form required little ‘maintenance’ in order to perform daily tasks—which, for once he was perfectly fine with that. If anything, it was a nice change of pace. 

            “Yeah, in terms of the mini-fridge.” Steve chuckled softly under his breath at his own comment. After all, he hadn’t mentioned anything in regards to sparring. The soldier moved from the counter and within two, long strides he was just mere inches from the trickster. He dragged a single digit down the front of his own shirt, mapping familiar muscles and  halting before the other’s belt line. “I’d like you to reconsider a more suitable position.” There’s a wide grin spread across his lips as the subject it quickly changed.

"Oh, that I cannot do. We’re getting the mini-fridge," Loki replied casually, laughing with Steve’s voice and a soft smile. He looked up for just a moment, suddenly realizing his own body was quite close to him…His own finger trailing across what was at least, temporarily, his torso…

The smile turned then, from a smile to a grin. “…I can think of several positions we both might enjoy taking,” Loki turned, so he was facing himself completely now. He reached up, putting one of Steve’s hands against his neck…It was cool, he found, but by no means unpleasant…Slowly, he pulled the other close, until their lips met…It was peculiar, using his love’s lips to kiss his own. He could however, not deny he liked it.


Sif was slightly startled by the hand gripping her wrist. It had not occurred to her he would wish for her to stay. But when she looked into his eyes, she knew there was no denying him of this. She would stay as long as he asked.

“If this is what you desire.” Slowly, she returned to her seat and placed her hand over his, hoping to calm his nerves. Her thumb brushed over his knuckles. “No harm shall come to you. Not as long as I am here.”

He gave a small, quick nod in response as she agreed to remain, seeming nervous, but even visibly relaxing at the words, though still he seemed as strained as a drawn bowstring.

"…I put you at risk by asking you to remain, I know that…But…" Loki looked up, meeting her eyes, "…Sif…I know the risk, but still I would ask you to stay…You….are an anchor for my sanity….I am afraid of what I will become if you leave."


"Nonsense," he said, idly waving his free hand. "I’m just as kind as you deserve. You just haven’t realized it yet." He pressed yet another kiss to Loki’s hand and closed his eyes.

"A movie sounds great," he said softly, his voice a little weary. He was tired, true, but he was determined to stay awake until Loki was completely healed. "What do you want to watch?"

With every touch of the Doctor’s lips to his skin, Loki felt he deserved them just a little more…If Bruce were willing to keep giving them, certainly, Loki must have been at least somewhat worthy of them… He smiled once more, trying to etch the feeling of the contact into his memory.

"…Well…" Loki smiled just a little sheepishly, not sure if his idea would be foolish or not, "…I….Have heard many good things about a film I acquired recently…It is called ‘Frozen’…Have you heard of it?" Truthfully, Loki was somewhat embarrassed by the concept - A Frost Giant who desired to view a mortal children’s film with an icy nature…Still though, he had to admit he was intrigued by the concept…

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"I understand," she said softly, her hand falling from his face and onto the bed between them. Her eyes grew sad and angry. She felt so useless. He was in so much pain and she could do nothing to help him. All she could do was sit there and watch him suffer.

The warrior shot to her feet and crossed her arms over her chest. “I am sorry. I should not have pressed the issue. You must be tired. Sleep, Loki, it is what your body as well as your mind needs. I shall…I shall return to my chambers and allow you your privacy.”

At once he reached out to her, gently but firmly holding her forearm, nearly imperceptible shaking now more apparent as his hands trembled around her bracer.

"…Please don’t leave me alone…" It was a selfish, foolish request…He only put her at risk by asking the warrior to stay…If he slipped away from himself, allowed the madness it’s sway, even for a moment it could be disastrous…Yet…She seemed to be all that was keeping it from happening. The idea of being left alone to fall back to that insanity was more than he could stand.